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Contacting us, Appointments, and Subscriptions


MOCASS Digital Marketing & Development, PLLC is a Design, Digital Development, and Consulting freelance company based out of Phoenix, AZ. Contacting us is simple:

You can schedule both Virtual and In-person meetings and consultations through the Mocass Calendar Scheduler powered by Taskeo.

You can opt into exclusive information, offers and more through Mocass Mail. Subscribe Here.

Service Offerings


We off a number of services across several areas

  • Digital Marketing & Brand Consulting
  • Responsive Web Design & Development
  • Digital Content Development
  • Hosting & DNS Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Interactive media (Audio, Video and 3D)
  • Graphic Design & Print Collateral
  • SEO | Social Media Content
  • Analytics & Reporting

Planning Process & Support


No matter the project we'll guide you through discovery, planning and design, stages clearly and concisely.
Typically we take a 4 stage approach:

  • Consulting &Planning
  • We seek to discover what you do, how you do it and where you want to go with it. It's essential we ask the right questions so we can understand your business.
  • Prototyping &Development
  • We step through all stages of design and provide practical insights to applications.
  • Engineering &Testing
  • Rooted in the latest technology standards, our system for developing applications allows for rapid deployment. Saving you time and money.
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Data is King! We are committed to collaborating with clients to understand what efforts are working well and where there's opportunity. We make project performance metrics easy to understand and accessible to clients.

Website Plan Terms & Hosting


Not every business is the same. We strive to deliver customized and thoughtful plans and services. We have packages that are built for the masses. We manage and host your valued code, data, content and applications on trusted proven industry providers.

Hosting Platforms

Payment Gateways

* All Business Plans have support options built in and the client ultimately owns the code, upon fulfillment of contract terms. 50% of estimated payment due upfront within (net 14) days upon acceptance of the project and terms. The remainder of the balance due will be recalculated (based on rates fees outlined) upon completion of the project.

* Support options can be optional and clients may not own the development source , upon fulfillment of contract terms. 100% of estimated payment due upfront within (net 7) days upon acceptance of the project and terms. The remainder of the balance due will be recalculated (based on rates fees outlined) upon completion of the project. Depending on plan chosen a minimum + $250. 00 deposit is required | monthly payments are paid in full upon on monthly due date. Clients must commit to minimum (6) month period before the client is allowed to terminate services at that time. If a client defaults on payment before the minimum period is complete the balance of the payment minimum payment is due plus any late charges and administrative fees and possible suspension or deletion of service could occur.

Administrative & Late Fees
$40 Hourly Administrative Fees
$50 late billing Fees

COST NOT COVERED (Client is responsible)
* Credit Card Account
* Admin Accounts
* Specialty Acquisition
* New Collateral Integration
* Associated Monthly Fees

Media & Content


We offer fast email support to paid accounts and prioritized help for team accounts. Community support ( is available to free accounts.

Analytics & Reporting


If you're new to building websites, our video tutorials will get up and running quickly. If you already know concepts behind CSS and the box model, you will feel at home in Webflow.

Keep updated with changes.

30 May, 2021
  • Help Celebrate the new MOCASS 2.0 Website
1 January, 2020
  • BlackChest Multimedia Development and Consulting is now MOCASS Digital Marketing & Development, PLLC